Ciera in memory of Dawn

Ciera in memory of Dawn

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I can split payment into four equal parts of $1821.8

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Due upon Layout appt (approx 3 months) 

Due upon Completion  (lead time being 4-6 months

All pieces will be made with a hard curing, museum conservation grade resin, encapsulating your flora, willing it to last as Heirloom pieces! The table I don't recommend without supports is an 8 foot dining table. The table at the size we've chosen is a dependable and great size.

2 resin free standing blocks with photos 650x2 $1300

2 12x12 tables $1500

The coffee table with photo(s) if able. $3735.50 (mold purchase pending/shipping taken care of by client + purchase & custom legs cost ) 

All custom legs chosen after consult with client

ALL flora and foliage preserved, using every flower possible within pieces. Extras, if any, are returned to client. $150 

Total 6685.5 

Total after tax $7287

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