FAQ on Flower Preservation

Learn more about my preservation process and art services below. 

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How does this process work?

Your first step is to make a reservation by emailing meerkatblueart@gmail.com as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed. It is never too early to reserve your preservation, as I only take a small number of bookings monthly and may get filled up during wedding season.

It is of utmost importance that your bouquet is dropped off to my home studio as soon as possible after your ceremony is complete. If you are unable to have a loved one drop off your flowers (perhaps you are out of town and not local to the Atlanta area) then I will give you explicit instruction on how to ship your flowers. Once we've spoken, I will email you an invoice to fulfill your fee. No reservations are permanent until this fee is paid in full.

Note: I can only preserve your florals in the condition in which I receive them. Follow our packing and shipping/ drop-off instructions for the best results.

Once I receive your flowers they will immediately be sorted, pruned and will officially "enter" their drying process. This process takes about 8 weeks. I first submerge in silica, then after removing, flowers must go through second "drying period" which is my ultimate, unique formula allowing the centers to completely be free of moisture before entering the resin process.

*Rushing flowers into the resin process without this second drying period puts your flowers at risk of mold development within their centers, which will show up black within your heirloom art piece. Please do not rush this along and request updates; they are resting. 

Next, dependent on your order items, you'll receive an email to book a layout appointment, discuss your piece(s) and whether you'd like to add anything to your order. *Please note, not all art receives a layout appointment.

For resin blocks, I present up to 2 layout options for the art you've chosen to gain your opinion and involve you in the creative process.

The entire production can take anywhere from 30-35 weeks depending on the time I have available outside of being a mother, the size of your order and the weather + humidity (which can alter resin cure times, as well as slow down drying times in between preserving flora for shadowboxes.)

*As of September 2021, Lead time is an average of 30 weeks.

Will my piece have bubbles?

As with any resin process there will be air bubbles in the artwork even though all care was taken. I like to think of them as wee little water droplets on and surrounding the flowers and their petals.

I take all the care I can in preserving botanicals, but as with any work on fresh flowers and foliage, there will be changes I may not anticipate. Exciting times!

When ordering your art piece please consider the size of your flowers; for instance if you have large Monstera leaf, you would need to order larger artwork as our "canvas" such as a serving tray or a 12x12 resin block. If you order smaller pieces eg: a necklace, of course, the petals or leaves would be removed for use from the flora to fit the pendant.

Due to the nature of this process, I cannot be held responsible for the well-being of the flowers during the drying or the resin pouring process, although extreme care will be taken.

Do all flowers dry the same?

Your bouquet will go through a transformation process while it is being preserved:

  • Red roses dry to a very dark finish, almost a blackened maroon/ burgundy; much different than their original color
  • White flowers will develop into a more tan, off-white or yellow tone
  • ”Bruising” or “translucent spots” may occur. To reduce this, try not to handle/touch/throw your flowers. 
  • Some tropical flowers/greenery (Monstera) may not survive the drying process or may turn a brown color. (Inquire how I turn my Monstera green again! )
  • Orchid flowers dry paper thin
  • Some flowers turn completely translucent
It's truly all still beautiful to a Floral Designer, but please feel welcome to inquire with me if you are curious about what will happen to the exact flowers you have in your bouquet.

Can I send you already dried flowers?

Yes! I can take any air dried bouquet and turn it into a resin block. I can take book pressed flowers from any occasion and create art such as essential oil bottles, mirrors, serving trays, etc. I will send you explicit instruction on how to ship dried flowers, so please email meerkatblueart@gmail.com and speak with me about your custom options! Large pieces require a Reservation fee, as mentioned in the previous FAQ on how the process works.

Do you accept reservations?

YES, please. Plan ahead, it's preferred! If I fully book out with reservations for the week, I cannot accept last minute orders. And it would make me cry to turn a Bride away, so please, don't make me do it! 

How long with the resin art last?

Well friend, this varies. If you keep the resin in direct sunlight (because it's beautiful to look at under the sun's rays, unfortunately this will fade the flowers over time. I recommend you keep your art away from direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. 

Do you offer layout options?

Yes for resin blocks, resin trays, large mirrors, and custom domes. 

What happens with my left over flowers?

Any flora that may have been dried, but unused within your art piece may be picked up upon request (made in advance at time of floral delivery) at no cost, OR shipped back to you at an additional fee.

Note: If you would like ALL the flowers preserved in your bouquet, it will be an additional fee assessed upon the size of the bouquet. Otherwise, I only preserve the "VIPs" of the bouquet in order to create the best art piece possible. Please speak with me if there are concerns.


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Shipping & Returns 

When will my purchase ship?

It varies dependent on the type of flora I'm working with and humidity levels, which affect cure time

Do you ship internationally?

Sure! Buyers are responsible for all shipping, customs and import taxes that may apply. I can't be held responsible for delays due to customs.

Do you accept returns?

Custom and Made to Order domes, resin blocks, trays, pretty much any and all art, is nonrefundable. I encourage you to embrace the uniqueness of your piece. 

These items are meant to fill an emotional need first, and a functional need second. My first and only intention will always be design, evocative emotion and artistic aesthetic. Resin is unpredictable and a little crazy!

Each piece is handmade, which means it is expected that pieces may have imperfections, such as bubbles, ripples, and small particles that have found a way into the painted pieces and cured within the resin during its 48 hour drying stage.